Crise et Entrepreneurship : une opportunité

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Depuis quelques mois maintenant, j’écris et je prêche (partout où on m’en donne l’occasion) sur le thème « Crise et Opportunité d’entreprendre ». Alors que les temps restent difficiles et la conjoncture économique en recherche d’un nouveau souffle,creation_entreprise je viens de lire un article de Guy Kawasaki qui donne un angle original pour percevoir la crise comme le moment opportun de traduire de bonnes idées en projet d’entreprise.

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If you are an entrepreneur, the economics have never been better:
1) Talent is free or cheap. Sorry, I’m not a warm and fuzzy guy, but the truth is that there are lots of talented people who are unemployed or under-employed right now. If there was ever a time to get great people for free or cheap, this is it.
2) Tools are free or cheap. With open source stuff like MySQL, Drupal, PHP, Rails, and WordPress, can tools get any cheaper? You’d really have to work at it to spend a lot of money for the tools to build something these days.
3) Storage, bandwidth and servers are free or cheap. I’m old enough to remember when you had to buy servers from Network Appliance to host your web site. Now with the cloud services that companies such as Rackspace provide, you can get more storage, bandwidth, and servers for $1,000 a month than you’ll be able to use.
4) Marketing is free or cheap. The single best way to market your product or service is Twitter, and that happens to be free. Facebook is a close second, and it’s free too. Sucking up to bloggers takes effort and swallowing your pride, but it’s not expensive.

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